Does Motus CNC work with windows?

Motus CNC is built soley for use with Linux based machines! Linux provides a stable and dynamic platform for our software that we love!

Does Motus CNC support my machine?

: Motus is always working to expand the list of machines capable of utilizing the software. We currently provide services for multiple machines in the Menig Automation line and the full lineup of CNC Machines produced by MDA Precision!

How much does Motus CNC Cost?

Prices will vary depending on the application. Contact us at info@motuscnc.com or send us a question from our contact page!

Can I get a free trial?

We do not currently offer free trials for customers.

Is Motus CNC capable of running custom plugins

We are capable of developing custom routines, macros and plugins for almost any machining operation brought to us. We have already developed many oem applications for probing part offsets, machine mounted lasers for kinematics, zeroing cameras. The software is modular with the ability to customize customer specific needs.

Can I purchase Motus CNC for my machine at home?

Motus CNC is made with industrial level prototyping, manufacturing, ect in mind. It is not recommended for consumer level or hobby use.


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