What Is MotusCNC?

MotusCNC™ is an innovative PC based CNC Control Software that delivers an intuitive and modern interface for today’s state of the art manufacturing needs. Realtime visual machine simulation and Fanuc compatible G-code allows easy integration with any industry standard CAM software. MotusCNC™ effortlessly handles simultaneous 4-Axis and 5-Axis applications as well as turning applications while reducing the amount of operator training required.


  • Accepts Fanuc compatible G-Code
  • Powerful toolpath/machine display
  • Control execution of your program using shuttle mode eliminating risk of crashes for beginners and experienced users
  • Turning, 4th and 5th axis support (Dynamic Work Offset, Tool Center Point Control)
  • Probing and Camera Plugin Options
  • OEM plugin architecture for custom machines and machining applications

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Intuitive Design

Our software is intuitive and powerful. With g-code and machine simulation, manual g-code jogging and support from our team, your company or institution can machine with confidence.

MotusCNC Screenshots

If you have any questions about MotusCNC, feel free to use the contact us form or email us at info@motuscnc.com