MotusCNC provides a streamlined, clean and safe workflow system for users. Here are some of MotusCNC’s features that make MotusCNC stand apart as a truly innovative CNC software.

Full 3D Gcode and Machine Simulation Screens

Fully rendered toolpaths and machine simulations allow the user to know exactly where their gcode will run in 3D space. Simulations also support full 4th and 5th axis gcodes, simulating simultaneous rotation and movement in all axes. Total workspace and program volumes can be seen at a glance with the “Machine Envelope” simulation screen.

Integrated Safety Features

MotusCNC supports the additon of any safety features you require!  Door interlock support and E-stop integration are already implemented in every MotusCNC supported machine! With MotusCNC, you can customize your safety features for your workplace’s unique safety requirements.

Shuttle Mode

Gcode programs can be run in Shuttle Mode via the MPG Control Wheel. Shuttle Mode allows for safe and controlled initial G-Code testing. Use the handheld MPG dial to progress through your gcode! Rotate the dial clockwise to progress through your program and rotate counter-clockwise to rewind. When you stop turning, the machine feed holds. Shuttle mode works flawlessly for micro-machining (providing single micron by micron control of program progression), large workpieces, turning, rotary applications and even full 5 axis programs!

Gcode File Management

Modify and run your Gcode in- software! The file and project screens will help you organize and manage all of your .nc files before running. Upload, manage, modify and execute gcode in program!

Plugin and OEM Support

We have developed MotusCNC to seamlessly integrate touch probes and lasers for geometric processing, featuring, offset compensation and automated calibration. MotusCNC also allows for the support of on and off-machine live video cameras for inspection, measurement and more machine vision applications. The MotusCNC team offers custom plugins for OEM applications. From industrial applications to medical, dental and prototyping. Contact us to find out how MotusCNC can be your next software solution!

Expandable Solenoid and relay support

Your cutting application may require a unique cooling, cleaning or lubrication apparatus. MotusCNC software supports additional solenoid and relay integration for a wide range of applications like liquid, mist and air cooling!

Additional features

  • Project and File Management
  • Non-modal application design, allowing for the running of g-code while maneuvering the application and creating new projects.
  • OEM Solitons for software plugins and custom machine integration available.
  • G-code features such as Tilted Work Plane(G68.2), Tool Center Point Control (G43.4),
  • Conditional Execution, Variables, Subroutines and many others.
  • Built-in Syntax Highlighting G-Code editor for convenience and optimized workflow.
  • Automated tool changes, tool life management
  • Tool grouping and tool height setter support allow for a quick and easy job management and little need for user input.

MotusCNC Screenshots

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