What is MotusCNC?

MotusCNC is a comprehensive, modular and intuitive CNC controller software. MotusCNC will increase productivity and lower manufacturing costs for all of your different machining applications. MotusCNC is modern and scalable with a sleek graphical design, running on robust industrial strength Linux based hardware.

Plugin and OEM Support

We have created MotusCNC to implement seamless integration of touch probes and lasers for geometric processing, featuring, offset compensation and automated calibration. As well, MotusCNC allows for the support of on and off-machine live video cameras for inspection, measurement and more machine vision applications.

The MotusCNC team offers custom plugins for OEM Applications. From industrial applications to medical, dental and prototyping, MotusCNC is the right software for you. Contact us to find out how MotusCNC can be your next software solution!

MotusCNC User Features

MotusCNC allows for streamlined workload for machine users. 

Our software offers safety and convenience with simple and responsive feed overrides. 

As well, the built in Shuttle Modes via the MPG Control Wheel allow for safe and controlled initial G-Code testing. 

G-Code can be jogged through a practically unlimited amount of code blocks via the interface and MPG Control Wheel.

Additional features

  • Project and File Management
  • Non-modal application design, allowing for the running of g-code while maneuvering the application and creating new projects.
  • OEM Solitons for software plugins and custom machine integration available.
  • G-code features such as Tilted Work Plane(G68.2), Tool Center Point Control (G43.4),
  • Conditional Execution, Variables, Subroutines and many others.
  • Built-in Syntax Highlighting G-Code editor for convenience and optimized workflow.
  • Automated tool changes, tool life management
  • Tool grouping and tool height setter support allow for a quick and easy job management and little need for user input.

MotusCNC Screenshots

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